Our Mission

The Church Office exists to support leadership and ministry work that happens behind the scenes. We bring helpful and encouraging content to equip and support those involved in church administration, church leadership and structuring church life.

Our principles

We love our mission and we want to make a difference to support those who are serving in the background of the church. Our mission explains what we aim to do, whilst our principles communicate the heart behind the mission - who we are and why we do what we do.

Gospel centered

We love the Gospel and it is central in all we do

We seek to serve, support and encourage

Servant leadership

We believe in servant

Glory of God

We live for the Glory of God

About the founder

Gavin Smith has served for the past 18 years as the church administrator at Christchurch, Newport. He is passionate about the gospel and strengthening the church by supporting the work that happens behind the scenes.

Prior to working at the church, Gavin worked for the local council in the Youth and Community department. During this time, he gained a degree in Youth and Community and was seconded to the Welsh Assembly Government to work with the Youth Policy Team. His other interests include paddle boarding, barbecuing and football.

Gavin had a brief professional career with Cardiff City and he still enjoys nutmegging other players- especially those who think he’s too old for football now! In his spare time, Gavin is co-director of Happy Enterprise Ltd, an online retail business buying and selling products on Amazon. He lives in Newport, South Wales with his patient wife Emma, their four wonderfully lively children, and a fluffy dog named Max.

From the mouth of babes, here’s a recent picture drawn by Gavin’s youngest daughter describing what her Dad does at the church…

Gav's role as illustrated by his daughter

Our team

Gavin and Emma

Gavin Smith


Jo Black

Jo Black



Kathryn Morris



Dave Seadon


Our Funding

Gavin and Emma have fully funded The Church Office personally. If you would like to support the mission and give towards this work, please get in contact with Gavin by e-mail gavin@thechurchoffice.co.uk or follow the link to the right to donate via paypal. Not only would we like to ask you to consider giving but we would be grateful for your continued support in prayer.

Thank you for your support


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