Gavin Smith
Church Manager
Christchurch Newport

At The Church Office we are offering to help and support churches and church plants by coming alongside you and helping to equip you, so that your church can run smoothly, allowing the main focus to be on the advancement of the gospel.

Our desire is to serve churches in administration and organisation- something which we are aware will look very different across different churches. So in order to serve your church the best we can, we have designed a number of services in the hopes that you find one that blesses you and your church from the list below.  

If you could do with an extra pair of hands or some guidance with the administration of your church or church plant then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our support and training services include:

UK Church Administrators Network

Since 2009, UCAN has supported church administrators across the UK. Their desire is to equip those responsible for administration in churches to be efficient in their roles, to connect them to one another for mutual support and resource-sharing and to forge effective working relationships between them and their church leadership team so that they may collectively best-utilise their God-given gifts, skills and passion to extend the Kingdom.

Find out more at:


One-to-one coaching offers a mentoring service on an individual basis. If you feel that you have specific areas for personal development in parts of church administration or would like to be more generally equipped for your role behind the scenes then this service is well suited to you. Gavin will meet you where you’re at and come alongside you, offering guidance and suggestions catered to your specific situation.

To find out more about these services please get in touch at:

Training Seminars

Training Seminars are an opportunity to gather together with other church administrators and talk through what it looks like to serve effectively in specific areas of behind the scenes work. The seminar is guided by Gavin and provides a space to bounce ideas off other like-minded people who understand the complexities of church office work. The desire behind these training sessions is that you would meet with your group 4 times a year to grow and learn together and be left better equipped to handle the challenges of church administration.

To find out more about these services please get in touch at:

Back-Office Review

As part of this service Gavin will arrange a visit to the church and take the time to sit and assess the administrative needs of the church with staff and volunteers. This involves looking at the management and organisational structures and processes of the church, identifying any difficulties, challenges or frustrations that might exist. The review also looks at the current compliance and governance in place. The Back-Office Review then provides some feedback with a desire to try to offer some recommendations and changes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the behind the scenes work. Gavin will draw alongside the staff or volunteers and share his experience to provide some solutions.

To find out more about these services, pricing and which services are best suited for your church (in whatever stage of maturity), please get in touch at:

As a local church pastor I know how neglected, yet crucial, back room work is. Indeed, for a church to be faithful to the gospel, she needs the God given gifts of administration, organisation and management to be recognised, deployed and supported. The Church Office is a unique and superb resource to help you get the back room work up and running for the glory of God. I have been blessed to have Gavin support and help me in numerous ways over the years, and I am so glad that he can now offer that to you. Take him up on his offer!

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